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asked how many “US military interventions in third world / non-western countries in the 20th century have resulted in an increase in democracy in the country?” This doesn’t cover the various theatres of the second world war since those weren’t, in any meaningful sense, interventions in the country in question, rather being part of a global war against a third party. That eliminates the following:

Japan, China, Burma, Thailand, French Indo-China, British Malaya, Netherlands East Indies

We can further eliminate the following countries that you mentioned which, in addition to being theatres in the second world war, clearly aren’t third world:

France. Channel Islands. Belgium. Holland. Luxembourg. Germany. Austria. Italy. Greece. Denmark. Norway.

Moving on, we can eliminate the countries where the US never actually had a military intervention of any significance:

Poland. Czech republic. Slovakia. Slovenia. Croatia. Hungary. Romania. Bulgaria. Ukraine. Latvia. Lithuania. Estonia. Georgia. Moldova. Armenia.

This leaves us with the following list of countries where you are claiming that US military intervention resulted in an increase in democracy:

“Chile. Philippines, Korea. South Vietnam (until the military was withdrawn), Nicaragua, El Salvador. Grenada. Haiti. Panama. Argentina. Liberia. Bosnia. Kosovo. Serbia. Kuwait. Afghanistan. Iraq.”

Chile: the US supported a military dictatorship which overthrew the democratically elected government.

Philippines: following the ‘purchase’ of the phillipines from the Spanish in 1898, the US fought a 15 year war against the population who wanted independence, killing several hundred thousand phillipinos. The US went on to support the dictatorship installed by Marcos in 1972 when he instituted marshall law and tore up the constitution.

Vietnam: 2 million people killed and the country remains a totalitarian dictatorship.

Nicaragua: Illegal war, including a conviction for international terrorism against a democratically elected government. Killed lots of people.

El Salvador: 1930-1979 series of right-wing military dictatorships supported by US. 1980-1982 US “counter-insurgency” against the population kills some 75,000 people. UN truth commission attributes 96% of atrocities to military / right-wing death squads.

Grenada: 1983 unilateral invasion left an unknown number of people dead, the CIA subsequently illegally and secretly bought the ensuing election

Liberia: Every single dictator since the foundation of the state owed his assencion to power to US backing. No chance of any meaningful democracy emerging in the forseeable future.

Haiti: US invaded and occupied it in 1915 until 1934, introducing forced labour and the atrocity rich national guard. When Duvalier took up the dictatorship he did so with full US backing and the leading figures in his bloodthirsty tonton macoute continue to live in luxury in the US. The US has since given effective support to the various coups against the democratically elected Lavalas governments.

Panama: US supported the 1968 coup and the subsequent Noriega dictatorship (who was actually employed by the CIA). Then, when Noriega had the cheek to want to take control of the canal back in accordance with the treaty, they invaded with 25,000 troops, killing thousands of people.

Argentina: The less said the better. The US actually supported the nearest thing that we’ve seen to a late 20th century fascist regime under Galtieri. They have supported numerous anti-democratic military coups.

Bosnia: According to the Dayton accords, bosnia is governed by a NATO appointed High representative and there are no prospects of it gaining meaningful sovereignty

Kosovo: Governed by Nato K-FOR force, not a democracy

Serbia: US bombing made the humanitarian situation worse and failed to get rid of Milosevic or to have any meaningful improvement in democratic practices.

Kuwait: Still a feudal monarchy. No democracy, none envisaged, no US pressure for reforms.

Afghanistan: US heavily financed and armed the Mujahadeen and unleashed the hell of fundamentalism on the country. The post-invasion carve up of power between islamic warlords is nothing even closely resembling a democracy

Iraq: Support for Saddam through all the periods of his worst crimes by US, subsequent invasions had the effect of killing large numbers of people and unleashing the danger of fundamentalism on the country. No democracy to speak of.

Only a complete fruitloop would look at that list of interventions and think it’s about democracy. Mark Humphrys is that fruitloop

you are one of the rudest and most arrogant young men I have ever debated with

Do you want badman to feel sorry for you? I’m afraid that the bad one doesn’t do sympathy for fruitloops.

-This doesn’t cover the various theatres of the second world war since those weren’t, in any meaningful sense, interventions in the country in question, rather being part of a global war against a third party-

hmm soldiers dying on beaches, pilots killed in planes shot down, POWs, domestic troops and civilians killed…
heres a hint – if looks like a military intervention, smells like a military intervention and feels like a military intervention it is a military intervention in EVERY meaningful sense.

But hey, its your site so your words can mean what you want them to mean….

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