This post is made on request from Tapan Bannerjee , one of my readers. 

I have no desire to exhume shocking matters , which will cause a great deal of heart ache to a vast section of my people. Still I have thought about it , dwelt on it for a day, and decided to go ahead. 

It must be recorded that Bengalis are very proud of Amartya Sen, and the intellectuals revere him more than the great Saurav Ganguli. After a Bengali reads this post, Amartya Sen wil be taken down from his pedestal. 

As soon as Amartya Sen won the Nobel prize in 1998 for Economic sciences 10.4 lakh Bengalis delirious with joy had taken out a rally on the streets of Calcutta, dancing for hours. 

Amartya Sen first caught the white man’s eye when he did a Rudyard Kipling– that the brown man of Asia is the European white man’s burden. He focused on the gutters of India, self inflicted poverty , lack of free press in all his works, which the white man lapped up.

This was the hidden reason his nationalist first Hindu wife left him, as told to a Bengali writer..

Let me put it on record , that I have no desire to give any importance to a pseudo Indian  Amartya Sen , who holds the world record for the number of international humanitarian awards and number of honorary doctorates ( 54 ) . 

To check out this ridiculous and mind boggling list , check out Amartya Sen on Wikipedia, which is a free encyclopedia run by Rothschild , more as a propaganda tool–  always available on page one of the Internet search engine Google

Amartya Sen was given the Nobel prize on Rothschild’s recommendation ( for the economics of famine ) and also the Bharat Ratna by our W who also signed away India’s nuclear rights too.

By the way British East India Company who ruled India and made us slaves was owned by Rothschild Jews. Amartya Sen’s third wife is Emma Rothschild, who is the direct blood sister of Amschel Mayor James Rothschild.  

Rothschild family owns 80% of Israel and also the US federal reserve and almost all international banking institutions are run by them. They decide the bulls and the bears of the stock market.

Amartya Sen is just one in the line of a list of Bengali brown sahib Rothschild loyalists, like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Debendra Nath Tagore ( Rabindranath’s grandfather ) who had opium connections with Rothschild and became fabulously rich. 

Shantiniketan was built with opium money, and Amartya Sen vacations there even today, he was born there too..

East India Company deliberately build Calcutta at a convenient location to be the hub of a vast hinterland growing opium for export to China. All the past Freemasons were agents of this world wide opium trade , sustained by the Jews.

I have reserved my opinions on Amartya Sen for myself, till I saw his interview on Rothschild funded TV channel CNN-IBN. This is a channel which allows anti-nationals to vent their thoughts and do India and Hindu bashing on prime time 9 PM, with full supported by UPA govt.  

The Indian TV anchor employees do NOT have a choice, if they want to continue working there.  Wiki leaks had recently revealed how Rahul Gandhi was worried about Hindu terrorism in India.

Hindu terrorism?


Read this post first and then comeback to this post again. Or you will NEVER understand why my mind blanks out Amartya Sen. The whole world thinks that he is an intellectual. 

But Capt Ajit Vadakayil says BULLSHIT– he is just their type of intellectual.

This man cannot even think clearly.  I had to change TV channels half way between the daft interview conducted by pea brained Sagarika Ghose. 

The Indian patriot must know that most of our TV channels are foreign funded, where disinformation is spread every day by the likes of Teetsa Setalvad , Shabana Azmi , the way Rothschild did before –DIVIDE AND RULE. 

It is so easy. All you need is to sow seeds of suspicion. 

Let us imagine two brothers are very close and they boast that no wedge can ever be driven between them. Imagine the wife of one guy had blonde hair and the other had black hair. All you need to do to make the two kill each other, is to put a blonde hair on the wrong bed , and manipulate the blonde’s husband to see it . He will now spend a sleepless night in wondering how his wife’s hair landed up on the bed of his brother–the cold war will now start, before the inevitable hot war .

The Indian DNA is unique, as we had the culture of joint families, where love was in abundance and shared. There was nothing like this is yours and that is mine, or we and they concept within the joint family.

When Ram went to the forest after being manipulated by Bharat’s mother, Bharat refused to sit on the throne , and kept Ram’s sandals on the throne till he returned after exile. This is our Dharma. 

This is why the divorce percentage in India is 0.001% while it is above 50% in the west. This is why in India we dont throw our aged and helpless parents away, as soon as we start earning money.This is is why a beggar on a Indian street with just a loin cloth does NOT ambush or mug a woman with gold jewellery on a deserted dark street.

Foreigners like Sonia Gandhi will never ever understand the Indian ethos. 

We need India to be ruled by a person with Indian DNA. 

Amartya Sen will watch the video below , and be unmoved, (or for the matter any Roman Catholic Italian white woman with foreign DNA ).–as his Indian DNA is re-programmed. 

Any person with Indian DNA will get moist eyes, on watching the video below– this is what we have been reduced to — the richest country in the world 800 years ago, is now in this sorry state.


As soon as the Mughals from Turkey ( Akhbar/ Shahjehan types ) invaded India, we were introduced to the bizarre system of brother killing brother or gouging out the eyes, so that the throne can be forcibly usurped. 

When the white man came to our country we were wondering why they were in such a desperate hurry to translate all our ancient Vedic books on Maths and Science to English from Sanskrit. They had even taken away hundreds of Pundits fluent in Sanskrit to England , so that translations can be done from there. These pundits were literally held captive. The Pundits could NOT see each other, and were kept widely separated.

Each Sankrit text went though three different translations. If any Pundit did NOT read between the lines, being a nationalist, retribution would be severe, and he would die in England.

Like how the Mathematics genius Ramanujam was whisked away to England , and then discarded like a curry leaf, after they got the juice out of him . We were wondering what is the dire need to PATENT knowledge. Yes, the white man patented all our ancient knowledge and established Indians as a stupid race. 

Now, punch into Google search ISAAC NEWTON , THE CALCULUS THIEF  VADAKAYIL. Read it and them come back to this post, or you will not understand what I mean.

Amartya Sen was given the Nobel prize for white washing the most terrible thing done in history– deliberate starvation of 5.2 million Bengalis during the famine in 1943. 




After reading both these posts come back to this post again. You are now surprised right? –as to how much history can be subverted by one single man. Well this is the meaning of Rothschild Zionist power. And Amartya Sen is in the inner clique of Rothschild by blood line. 

He got his Nobel prize 2.5 years earlier than his marriage to Emma. He started his close friendship with Emma when his second Jewish wife Italian Eva Colorni died in 1985. 

Amartya’s first wife was a great Indian nationalist Nabaneeta Dev who could not tolerate his shameful sucking up to the white man to further his career prospects.. After this divorce Amartya has proclaimed himself as agnostic. Hindu bashing is now his field.

Before the second world war there was OPEN one-upmanship between Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose, causing a great deal of distress to Mahatma Gandhi, who when forced to take sides leaned closer to Nehru.  This made Bose very bitter. 

Bose was a great patriot and was passionate about Indian freedom from British tyranny.  Lord Mountabatten was a Rothschild stooge just like Churchill– both related by blood. Churchill’s mother Jennie was a Rothschild. Mountbatten’s wife Edwina was a Rothschild.

Bose formed INA in great haste, causing a bizarre situation. Now Indian will have to shoot Indian. One from the British boat and the other from the Japanese boat. 


Let me warn in advance , this will cause EVERY SINGLE Bengali a great deal of heartache, when they get to know how a great hero and intelligent man like Bose could be fooled so easily. Read it if you can and then come back–only then you will be free.

Winston Churchill was a manic depressive, prone to mood swings and he was drunk throughout the day. He used Opium suppositories , hardly anybody knew this–except his doctor. What follows is NOT a mood swing of Churchill. 

He was a vindictive man, rather a diabolical person clinically. All Churchill’s popularity rating polls are rigged by Rothschild–the same way Amartya Sen gets so many accolades.

As soon as Bose formed the INA every single Bengali gave immediate support. Now Churchill supported by Rothschild decides to teach them a severe lesson. Starve the bloody Bengalis–never mind if they are connected to the rest of well fed India by roads, railway lines, aircraft and ships. 

Much later Japan knew how vindictive a Rothschild lesson could be in the form of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Germans already knew it in the form of DRESDEN pulverised with bombs in a gruesome overkill.

Japanese were now in Burma, and so the official Churchill line was that he was doing a SCORCHED EARTH policy. 

The actual reason was , watch the way I screw you traitorous Bengalis , for fuckin’ around with Rothschild.

Japanese would be denied food and transport in the Bengal corridor. This was where all the opium fields and hinterland lay. The British secretly confiscated every single boat, every single vehicle, including — hold your breath– bullock carts. 

As if the Japanese would ever require local boats and bullock carts. They confiscated elephants too for publicity–to make the scorched earth policy catch the world’s eye. Bengalis depended on boats ( without fuel ) for their even transportation, to sell their goods.

Nehru did nothing. Gandhi was so naive (like our present Anna Hazare) and out of touch with reality that he was staying in Opium runner Ghanshyam Birla’s house. The Bengalis were NOT ALLOWED to cultivate rice– or the Japanese would eat it, right?

This was NOT the first time , Bengalis were forbidden to plant rice. It happened in 1769, causing a great famine killing more than 10 million Bengalis. –and history was just repeating itself. Warren Hastings was found guilty in 1770 and was censured verbally, to proclaim British Justice to the world..

At that time it was vindictive retribution to the argumentative Bengali , who refused to cultivate Opium , Jute and Indigo on their rice growing lands. You cant eat opium, jute and indigo , right? . 

By the way he wrote a book after he got the Nobel prize ” Development as freedom” . This low cost, shallow thinking book has NIL buyers. Only 2800 copies were consumed and that too what Rothschild made people lump abroad, free.

Well , this deliberate scorched earth policy caused male members to join the military corps , where they get free rations. The British Govt could not care less about women , children and older people. They just starved. Rice was available in Calcutta. 

Starving skeletoned people in a terribly shocking condition started pouring into Calcutta, by the millions . They would forage , fight over scraps , and eat any sort of garbage .

The British parliament wanted to pass a resolution to send food to India immediately. This was stone walled by Churchill, who asked sarcastically in British parliament ” If there is famine in India, why is bloody Gandhi not dead yet?”

Dozens of Australian ships loaded with grain enroute to Mediterranean,  could have eased up the situation immediately. Churchill using his wartime powers and his powers given by Rothschild who was more important than the King of England , said NO!  

When reminded that he would be judged in bad light by history for using starvation as a political tool , he said sarcastically ” History will be kind to me , for I intend to write history”

Sorry, Churchill baby, how wrong you were– SUCK ON THIS INTERNET POST ! 

Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett Amery who was First Lord of the Admiralty (1922–1924) . During the 2nd world war, Amery was Secretary of State for India.  


He was continually frustrated by Churchill’s intransigence and his mean resolve to starve to death 5.2 million Bengalis . In his memoirs Amery records “I couldn’t help telling Churchill,  that I didn’t see much difference between his outlook and Hitler’s, which annoyed him no little.”

All this talk about Hitler killing 6 million Jews,  is all Rothschild propaganda. Vatican under Pope Pacelli Pius XII , killed more Serbian orthodox Christians for they refused to accept a middleman with a hot line between themselves and Jesus. This tally was put on Hitler’s account.

Bengal was the granary of India till the British in the form of Rothschild owned British East India Company, stepped in and started cultivating cash crops and Opium , in their effort to get rich. 

Now punch into google search MURKY TRUTHS OF SEPOYS MUTINY 1857 , FIRST WAR OF INDEPENDENCE 1857 VADAKAYIL. Read this post and come back.

Bengal was lush green with clear ponds full of fish every where. To survive there was NO need for rice. Because of 70000 confiscated boats,  the people starved, as the inland water navigation system collapsed.  

Calcutta was full of WW2 soldiers ( about 3.5 lakhs )  who retreated from Burma, under Japanese assault. 

Churchill exported rice in this current dire situation , from Calcutta and other ports of India. The cost of food now increased and the poor man could NOT afford it. 

For military fortifications and needless airfields people were expelled from fertile lands– pretty much the same way Tata tried to build a bullshit NANO car factory in Singur, using his clout. We Indians must know that the white west has gone back to clean rivers, blue skies  and green country sides. The polluting industries are now in China and India.

To read about opium cultivation and find out who our honourable drug runners were punch into Google search —




Read it and get back, only then you can find out how big a king-pin Rothschild family member Amartya Sen is.

It is a pity this great holocaust was never mentioned in any book or magazine and was bottled up till the Internet age. For every magazine, every TV channel and media is Rothschild controlled even today. 

With  the advent of Internet, this truth started filtering out. Meanwhile Churchill was the modern face of Rothschild, voted in a rigged poll by the white man– as the most famous Englishman ever . 

Rothschild forced Freemason President Bush to install a bust of Churchill in the oval office of White house. This was dumped by Obama as soon as he assumed office.


Amartya whitewashed the black deeds of Churchill and Rothschild. He was thus honoured with a Nobel prize.

Here is what bullshit Amartya Sen wrote in his books and told in all foreign TV channels till be frothed from his mouth.

1) There was adequate food in Bengal at the time of the great famine in 1943.

2) There was NO need for Churchill to send rice to India .

3) Diverting grain ships from Australia passing India enroute to Suez Canal every few days, was NOT necessary

4) Bengalis did panic buying and greedy hoarding in a disgraceful manner.

5) The local administration consisting of mainly Bengalis were corrupt and inefficient in food distribution.

6) How incompetence and corruption can cause famine in a land of plenty.

7) Root cause of famine was inflation and speculative hoarding by Bengalis. It was NOT hoarded by British for the army.

8) Food was stocked 13% more in Bengal than in 1943 than in 1941. Hence it was OK for Churchill to export food from India.

9) Famine cannot exist in proper democracy. ( India under princely states never had famine )

10) 1943 famine was a local Bengali man made thing. The incompetence was native NOT of the British.

11) Bengali producers exported food.

12) Wages of labourers was NOT in par with food prices. Enough food was there , believe me, I saw it in the local bania godowns.

Below is a quote from Amartya Sen’s warped way of thinking. Mind you,  he used great verbosity to baffle us with his bullshit , supporting Adam Smith.

QUOTE– But Smith’s defense of private trade only took the form of disputing the belief that stopping trade in food would reduce the burden of hunger. That does not deny in any way the need for state action to supplement the operations of the market by creating jobs and incomes (e.g., through work programs). If unemployment were to increase sharply thanks to bad economic circumstances or bad public policy, the market would not, on its own, recreate the incomes of those who have lost their jobs. The new unemployed, Smith wrote, “would either starve, or be driven to seek a subsistence either by begging, or by the perpetration perhaps of the greatest enormities,” and “want, famine, and mortality would immediately prevail….” UNQUOTE– 


Sorry, Mr Amartya Sen even a urchin child knows famine means , no food available.

So Amarya Sen gets famous and rich for giving his slanted and loaded views about human rights, poverty, inequality , welfare economics , social choice theory , democracy to prevent famine, food distribution systems , FAD, entitlement theory, third degree shortage in a under nourished society, misdirected policies, negative freedom, positive freedom ( sic!) , entitlement shifts — BLAH BLAH.  

Cut the crap, Mr.Amartya Sen , Indians are NOT fools. 

Let us imagine a boy king of 12 is in charge of a kingdom threatened by famine — as it has happened so many times in our history.  He knows that eeven Napoleon cannot eat thrice the amount of rice (or staple food like potato) he normally eats — we are NOT talking about caviar here.   

He will know that all available food has to be immediately secured or siezed , by strict monitoring.  He will make hoarding a death penalty.  For this he does NOT have to search the whole country, where 95% people are hand to mouth –“there goes one more day” pattern.  He will prohibit any family from having more than a week of food stock in their houses.   He will introduce a fair price rationing system for people below the poverty line.  When it comes to the crunch he will give a royal order that only the king’s depots  can sell rice.  He will make sure epidemics are controlled , by advocating alternate foods , instead of rice —  as usually 60% of famine deaths are by malnutrition related diseases. He will eliminate waste. He will d his level best to import food.  He will leave no stone unturned to run survival kitchens. 

He is not gonna be constrained by bullshit modern economist theories — where just mere earthy commonsense is required. 

For all this you must LOVE your own people. This is why in India we like our ruler to have Indian DNA, — NOT Italian or British or Portuguese.

This is the man who declared in the late sixties – only Marxist communism can prevent poverty in India and then he recruited students for the Naxalite movement from Delhi university. Now he does a volte face and jumps boats and how– Communism to Capitalism , Tamas to Rajas –without a Sattva in between. .

Amartya is still a great underground sympathiser of Binayak sen , who is in jail for sedition ( Naxalite brain ). He even took the trouble to unwrap the book by Minnnie Vaid ” The Binayak Sen Story”

When Hitler first met Churchill, he was white faced and then he whispered ” I have met with the anti-Christ today– as told by Nostradamus. He is cruel and intrepid.. He frightens me !” Aliester Crowley wrote about this.

Churchill and Pope Pius XII have killed more people than Hitler.

Double agent Amarya Sen frightens me even more. 

In the 1781 American war of Independence , Rothschild gave King George III, (who spoke German as his mother tongue and English as a second language) 34000 German speaking Protestant Christian Hessian mercenaries of ancient Chatti tribe descent — all paid handsomely with Opium money- to fight along with the British Red coats. 

The best part is they sold mercenaries to their overseas Freemason agents in charge of American Blue coats  to fight on the opposite side too– they were double agents. 

In India Rothschild has already armed Naxalites and ULFAs, with far superior weapons than what the CRPF and police has.. 

Have you see the thousands of Hummer and Land Rover type SUVs’ used in Libya, fitted with heavy long range automatic machine guns, to be used against the tiny guns of Mohammad Gaddaffi?– where do you think it came from, all of a sudden ?– Same place from where Naxalites got their guns. Naxalites will one day spill over the red corridors and run over India– if we are naive.

They are even doing Ethnic cleansing by shooting all Libyan black skinned men

Emma Georgina Rothschild is NOT a friend of India. 

Her role model is Adam Smith, who laid out the blue print for fooling naive Indians into the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, so that opium traders Rothschild can take over India, officially.

It was Adam’s idea that East India Company should rule India after the Battle of Plassey in 1757, when Robert Clive defeated to Siraj Ud Daula and ended the Mughal empire for good.  East India company could have crushed Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan of Mysore any time they wanted. But they cleverly did some HINDU MUSLIM DIVIDE, and held on till Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan broke open the secret vaults and foundations all Kerala temples and Calicut King Zamorin’s palace and stole Trillions of USD worth of gold, the fruit of 6 millenniums of spice trade.Jewish Rothschilds could have never achieved this, as the spy network information provided by the local muslim Maplah half breed Malayalees were critical.  And then in one foul swoop in 1799, Rothschild killed Tipu Sultan and took all this gold away to their underground vaults in Europe. In July 2011,  24 billion USD worth of gold was found in a minor Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple at Trivandrum, where there was no spice trade. The main vault has not been opened yet due to judicial orders quoting security problems.)

First of all the trigger of the Black hole of Calcutta was a big lie. It was tom tommed by East India Company that Nawab Siraj Ud Daula locked up 146 Britishers in a small dark ill ventilated room, out of which 123 died. The truth is only 58 people were in the room , out of which 19 died.. 

Adam Smith used this PEARL HARBOUR or LOUSITANIA  type cause to start the Battle of Plassey in 1757, for East India Company to take over India. The battle itself is a white lie. The battle never took place. Siraj Ud Daula was killed before even a single shot was fired by his brother-in-law and army Commander Mir Jaffar, who was bribed by Rothschild employee Robert Clive.  

Mir Jaffar was made a stooge Nawab and in return he gave a lot of Siraj Ud Daula’s gold and diamonds for Robert Clive to take home personally in secrecy. Clive wanted to squeeze him more and when unable to milk him further, shoved off Mir Jaffar and put his rival Mir Qasim as the Satrap.

Adam Smith was responsible for the Chinese Opium misery. It was his idea.

Adam Smith an East India Employee is considered by the West as the ” Father of Capitalism ” and he wrote the book “Wealth of Nations” –the Bible of the Capitalists.

His theory was– EVERY MAN IS ALLOWED TO PURSUE HIS HEDONISTIC DESIRES TO A LAWFUL CONCLUSION, AND THAT OPIUM IS A “LEGITIMATE PRODUCT” . ( If you want to know what is Hedonism , go to Negril Jamaica , and check out  drugged orgies on the open beach in broad daylight — own pleasure first ! screw everybody else !!)

Sorry Mr. Amartya Sen we have no room in India, for Rothschild mistress Ann Rand and her bullshit character John Galt of the book ATLAS SHRUGGED, – or for the matter, your wife Emma R0thschild’s white washing interpretation of  hedonist and East India company employee, Adam Smith vide her book ECONOMIC SENTIMENTS.

Today Rothschild controlled bankers will use hunger as a weapon, by converting SELECTED fertile food growing lands to cultivate Bio diesel ( fatty acid Methyl esters ) to run the white man’s cars.  Some naive European Union countries have been pushed into giving up agriculture and to culivate biofuel fuel crops ) 

Rothschild is using another Indian Dr. Rajendra Pachauri to spread the bullshit of greenhouse gases and global warming.

Everybody had been wondering why the current generation of Rothschild has stopped all their covert games. Oh no! They upstaged all their ancestors with the HOAX of the millennium. GLOBAL WARMING DUE TO GREEN HOUSE GASES . This would make poor countries rich in natural energy like coal and hydrocarbons buy biodiesel and alternate from Rothschild’s companies in European countries who have NOTHING in their country— just unfertile , no mineral , no energy wasteland.



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