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The Mass Graves of Ireland

from © 1995 FogartyAt least 950,000 copies of this are now in circulation. This website, in pamphlet form, has been adopted as history course material in scores of universities, colleges and high schools. Right to photocopy this work is hereby granted but only in its entirety, with no change(s), and only for gratis distribution […]

Iranian small town teacher shaves head, becomes unlikely national hero

copyright owned by   Iranian small town teacher shaves head, becomes unlikely national hero Ali Mohammadian’s kindness toward a bullied student enraptured Iran, earning him a national stamp and possibly a mention in the education curriculum. By Scott Peterson, Staff writer / May 25, 2014 Iranian student Mahan Rahimi (bald) attends Sheikh Shaltoot elementary school in a class […]

Proportional Representation

Proportional Representation Information Rules Where To Apply Information In Ireland, the system of voting in all Dáil elections, Seanad elections, Presidential elections, European elections and local elections is proportional representation with a single transferable vote in multi-seat constituencies (3-, 4- and 5-seat constituencies at Dáil elections). Proportional representation means that as a voter, you can indicate your first and subsequent choices for […]